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What makes 2020 such a severe fire year for the western United States?

Ever wonder why there are good fire years and bad fire years when every year is a hot year? Climate change is important, but only part of the story. As climate variability increases with atmospheric carbon, annual variation may increase leading to more intense fire years following wet winters in the western United States. The […]

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Submit grasses for identification

If you live in Texas have a grass or other plant you’d like identified, please send a contact below and you may attach photos either to my response email or upload them to imgur and send the web address below

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Invasion and ecology of spotted knapweed (Centaurea stoebe) in the continental United States: a mini review

Centaurea stoebe is a perennial forb belonging to the family Asteraceae. Since its introduction from eastern Europe, C. stoebe has spread widely and caused substantial economic damage (Harris and Cranston, 1979, Watson and Renney 1974). As of 2000, this species had successfully invaded 7.5 million acres of North American land; it was present in 46 […]

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A guide to distinguishing Texas cedar trees (Juniperus species)

If you are a Texan, you’re likely to be familiar with at least one cedar tree species. What we call “cedars” here in Texas are actually members of the juniper genus (Juniperus spp.). If you find yourself wondering “what cedar species is this?”, here is a simple guide to Texas junipers. Ashe juniper (Juniperus ashei) Growth […]


Gleanings from Grad School Applications: unsolicited advice from an undergraduate to other undergraduates

I have been writing this over the course of the past year. After going through this very stressful yet exciting process, here is my advice for other undergraduates that are hoping to apply to graduate schools and don’t know where to start. GETTING YOUR BEARINGS Make sure grad school is for you. My undergraduate advisor […]