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Intro to Plant ID- Free PDF Download

Hey all! I’ve taken a leave of absence during the semester, but I was recently asked to host a wildflower walk and plant ID workshop. To supplement this event, I created a workbook for getting started with plant ID in Texas. Here it is: Intro_IDPacket2 If you have no plant ID experience and are looking […]

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Tracking Bastrop Fire Recovery

In 2011, a falling tree crashed into a telephone poll striking a fire that would burn approximately 34,000 acres of loblolly pine forest. The loss, valued at nearly $209 million in property damage, spanned nearly all of Bastrop State Park as well as the nearby residential areas. This study aims to track the recovery of […]


Plant Profile: Sensitive Briar

I’d like to take this post to shine some light on a special plant that’s very dear to my heart – Mimosa nuttallii. Chances are you’ve passed it by unknowingly, although you might have noticed the conspicuous pink flowers. Mimosa’s relatives inhabit the majority of the southern United States, and there’s little to dislike about this […]

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Plant Profile: The Venus Flytrap

  Dionaea muscipula is captivating for all ages. With it’s gaping mouth and eyelash tentacles, it’s a hungry tangle of peculiarity. More commonly known as the Venus flytrap, she earns her name by consuming live insects via snap-trap mechanism. But when sunlight is abudnant, what would push a plant to turn to predation, rather than a […]

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An Introduction to Native Texas Bees

There are nearly 20,000 species of bees around the world, only six of which produce honey. Of those, almost 900 are present in Texas! Become one with the buzz and meet the families of Texas’ native bee community.   Bumblebees (Bombus spp.) Bumblebees are well known for their adorable fuzziness and docility. Bumblebees are social […]